FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will gradually add up the most common questions regarding B2B.se. Do not see the answer below you can email your question to b2b@fl-net.se

How do I remove a customer?

The app: Click Customers. Swipe your finger right on the customer you want to remove. Click Delete. Click the page to hide the Delete button.

Can I get a backup of all my customers?

Yes, you can download all your data via Settings - Backup. Via the web, you save the backup file as it is. Via your iPhone, save the simple file in any service like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, or the like.

What is the event?

An event is something you do with the customer that you want to remember. Eg the customer was disappointed with the product you delivered. You add events via Customers - Customer - Event. The event then appears in history. Do you want to remove an event swipar your finger to the right and click Delete.

How do I pay?

There are several different ways to pay. Directly through the app, giro, bank transfer, credit cards, telephone etc." "Go to the payment page .

How will e-mail me an invoice?

Right now there are two ways to send via e-mail.
1. App: Click the Send via e-mail
2. The web or mobile site: Click Invoices - View - Copy the link and send an email to customer

How do I print an invoice?

Click on the invoice you want to print. Click Print invoice.

How do I import my customers from excel?

In connection with the signing of the subscription, we import customers free of charge up to 10 000 customers. Mail to b2b@fl-net.se "